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As the business landscape of food manufacturing has grown increasingly competitive and regulated in the last decade, food creators face more challenges than ever when attempting to enter the competitive retail market. In response, Montrose Foods Inc. was founded when David Rose and Michael Ionescu decided to tackle these challenges. With Rose’s years of experience working under some of Montreal’s finest chefs and Ionescu’s engineering and legal background, they found that their individual fields complemented each other’s in surprising, and what turned out to be inseparable ways. Eager to cultivate their own practice, one that would effectively intersect their expertise with their respective interests, they believe that what successfully brings a product to market and what makes a creative business thrive is the passion that drives it. Choosing to specialize in a field means that you are completely devoted to it; that you will protect it as if it were your own. That is the energy that sets them apart.

Montrose Foods opened its doors in 2014. Since then, they've helped guide dozens of businesses through the often times complex regulatory minefield of food production.

In 2015, Montrose Foods launched its own line of condiments and spices under the Smoke Show banner. These products can now be found in hundreds of stores across Canada and the United States.


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